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Get Involved as a School

The heart of reviveOHIO is to impact the community with the Gospel. Jesus continually elevated the value of children and youth, setting them up as an example for all believers. Our desire is to follow His example, investing in the youth of each community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our approach is always adaptable and respectful, honoring the leadership and administration of each school community. We follow your lead to create a partnership that is best suited for you. The heart of ReviveOHIO is simply to bless you, your school and your community through prayer and sharing the hope of the Good News of Jesus Christ. In cities where we’ve invested previously, schools have partnered with ReviveOHIO in a variety of ways. In each setting the ReviveOHIO teams distribute tabbed Bibles and Gospel wristbands to everyone as a tool in sharing the Gospel:

  • Students: Invite the reviveOHIO team(s) to pray with students and share the Gospel at elective groups or during optional gatherings before or after school-sponsored clubs and sports; reviveOHIO has been invited to share the Gospel with marching bands, FCA groups, dance teams, cheer squads, football teams, volleyball teams, and several other sports teams and student gatherings over the last years—in public, private and alternative school settings.
  • Staff/faculty: welcoming outreach teams to come pray and share the Gospel with staff and in break rooms or during staff meetings before or after school.
  • Excused Absences: allowing students approved absences (typically on a designated “student day”) to go pray for people and share the Gospel during a daytime outreach in the community, with parental permission.