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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 937-707-8206

Giving Code: #230A

*When writing a check, please use this giving code in the memo line and not the missionary’s name, per IRS guidelines.

Mark Olson

Volunteer Missionary

Mark was introduced to ReviveOHIO back in 2018 when they came to Logan County for an Outreach week, and eventually and joined our team in 2022 as a volunteer. He started running with us in multiple cities since then, and is now feeling led to join us as a Missionary!

Mark grew up in Chicago where he met the Lord and drew closer to Him during his elementary school years. As he started feeling God’s call on his life, he went to a high school seminary to pursue a life/career of serving the Lord.  At the end of his high school years, he felt that God was calling him in a different direction for that season of life. Throughout those years, he served the Lord in a variety of areas: in college as a ministry leader, when his daughters were in HS, as a teen ministry assistant, a Christian concert planner/promoter, but many times in the area of evangelism.

In 2017, the Holy Spirit really got his attention during a 2-week family emergency trip to Florida, and the 3000 mile drive that ensued. God used him multiple times during that time to love on and pray for complete strangers, as Jesus did in the Bible. Shortly after that trip, he started to hear about ReviveOHIO::Logan County on SHINE FM (a local radio station). After taking part in that outreach week in 2018 and learning how ReviveOHIO’s methods were similar to what the Holy Spirit taught him on that Florida trip, it was clear that this is where God wanted to use him, for such a time as this!

Mark recently retired from a manufacturing engineering job of 33 years and has already begun the process of becoming a full-time Missionary with our team.  He and his wife Tessy were married in 1995, they have 2 daughters and live in central Ohio.

He is thankful for those that are partnering with them through prayer and financial support.  They are very excited to see what God has in store for Ohio in the months and years to come. All glory to God!