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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 404-406-9732

Giving Code: #228A

*When writing a check, please use this giving code in the memo line and not the missionary’s name, per IRS guidelines.

Sarah Fleck


Sarah was introduced to reviveOHIO when it first launched in Darke County in 2016. When asked what drew her to the ministry, she said that she really liked the training on “Love, Listen, Discern, and Respond” as well as using the band and Bible to share the Gospel. It was amazing for her to see the unity among the pastors, churches, denominations, and community members.

Prior to joining the team, she had participated in over 12 counties in Ohio, as well as Texas and Indiana. She is currently working at Chewy alongside working with reviveOHIO. In her free time, she enjoys walking, singing, playing guitar, and watching movies.